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About The GetoPay

GetoPay is not another ICO release, No, not. It's one of best Income Generating Platform, Featuring a Unique 4in1 residual income-stream "Advertise Empower Network".

GetoPay stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that the Cryptocurrency offers globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in a permission-less and decentralized network.

A primarily Ad-Profit Sharing Platform, GetoPay integrates an In-built Token system which will later be upgraded to ERC20 Token protocol, a 100% rebate (Cash Back) on Ad credit purchase, Token Instant Profit system which Enables you to swap every earned Tokens into BTC, ETH through internal Trading module...

4in1 Profit System

GetoPay Features a unique 4in1 Income stream. 100% Rebate on Ad Credit Purchase, Instant Token Exchange, Up to 80% Commission through A Unique 16 Level deep Affiliate reward plan and a Unique $2 Power Booster Program.

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Every AD Pack Purchase from $100 Upwards entitles you for a 100% Cash Back of your Initial Investment Paid to you daily in a period of 360days.

Instant Token Profit

Each Tokens earned, or Purchased in our Platform entitles you for an Instant Profit through our internal Token Investment & Exchange Modules.

16 Levels Reward

GetoPay believes in the power of Global efforts, that's why GetoPay Pays Commissions for Unlimited Referral and Referrals' Referrals up to 16 Levels Deep.

$2 Power Booster

Buy $2 worth of GTP token and Receive 100% cash Back into your BTC/ETH address. The only requirements is to Invite 2 Members to buy $2 of Token.

GetoPay Mobile App

Understanding the need our our user is What Makes our Strength. Use GetoPay on the fly with GetoPay Mobile app. Turning your SMART Phone into your SMART Office for simplicity and easy access.

GetoPay Mobile app is currently only Available for Android Devices and can be downloaded through GooglePlay Store. GetoPay Platform is also 100% mobile friendly, Loading fast on every type of Mobile devices...


Advert Formats

GetoPay offers a large array of Adverisement Format for maximum visibility. Login Ads, Text Ads, Banner Ads - 728x90, 468x60, 120x160.
Your Banner Ads can as well be hosted on GetoPay server or simply referenced from it's source by providing banner image Link.

  • Login Adverts
  • Leaders'Board Banner
  • Side Bar Ad
  • Top Content Banner Ad
  • Content Banner Ad
  • Text Adverts

Frequently Asked Questions

World's Best Ad Sharing Platform, Powered by GTP tokens. GTP token is and ethereum token based on ERC20 protocol. GetoPay is not another ICO release, instead a full packed investment site, which offers your a 100% cash Back from your Ad Pack purchases, and up to 80% Commission from your Team Purchase up to 16 Levels deep.
Well, we make profit when you are satisfied. Our Primary goal is not about making profit, but about solving one of the greatest challenge most people face online... "Making Money". We believe the more happy people we create, the more GetoPay will be spread and more members we have. Many ICO failed Last year because of a little to no community support. So we focus on creating that community support.
GTP token is an Ethereum Token based on ERC20 Protocol. It serves as the only investment Token in GetoPay platform... GetoPay is not another ICO but is a unique system put in place to help everyone get on board the cryptocurrency world making profit without stress... GTP can be exchanged for other crypto Directly from our platfrom through our Instant Token Profit system. It can also be withdrawn to ETH wallet and/or deposited to external Exchanger in a near future.
Yes, Because of crypto currency transactions fees seemlessly high on small amounts, and to ensure the sustainability of the platform. For every free Member there is a limit of $30.00 and for Paid members (Advertisers) there is a minimum withdrawal of $4.00. It's also important to note that we only open withdrawal from monday to friday. Every withdrawal is properly investigated by a complex software before being processed. All withdrawal are processed from 24-72 hours, there is no manual action from GetoPay admin but if for any reason your withdrawal is not processed within 72hrs you contact the financial department through the email financial(at)getopay.com
The 100% rebate program of GetoPay is a 100% cashback from every Ad Pack Purchase... GetoPay is not to be considered as an adsharing platform, but rather an online income generating platform. We offer your 100% cashback from every purchase of Ad credit from $100.00 or more, paid in daily percentage depending on the Ad pack you purchase for period of 360 days.
You can use various paymen option to purchase Advert Credit on GetoPay Platform such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Payeer, Perfect Money (PM) and GTP tokens and Account Balance (GTPUSD). Withdrawal requests are also processed with the following Payment Options : Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Payeer, Perfect Money (PM) and GTP tokens.
This is a very unique Passive income system that give retain return daily for some numbers of days.
You can deposite any of the available payment system and can withdrawwith payment system of your choice, your withdraw will not be processed if you dont confirm your email address, all you need to do is login to your email account and click in the link in the message you receive.

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